About us – Royal Rangers Europe

Royal Rangers is a doorway to action and adventure for young people in many nations of the world.

Almost all countries in Europe use the Royal Rangers program.

Royal Rangers seeks to develop the total person spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially.


Through practices, prayer, song and Bible studies, we grow in spiritual strength and maturity.


Tricky tasks, cheerful song and challenges, strengthens self-confidence and self-esteem, and it contribute to an intellectual and spiritual growth.


Play, sports and adventure contribute to physical development.


Without a working patrol it will be no sense to do the Royal Ranger work. We learn to take responsibility and work together in small groups to achieve a goals. Boys and girls learn to socialize as friends and with respect.



Currently 31 countries use the Royal Rangers program in Europe.


Royal Rangers is a mentoring program for the next generation. Since its inception in 1962, millions of young people around the world have been guided through the Royal Rangers program.


Today, they are successful businessmen, public servants, pastors, church leaders, missionaries, etc